Hotel & Spa Napoléon


To relax head to the spa, the ultimate refuge of the Hôtel & Spa Napoléon. Dedicated to healing, the space stretches along a 15 meters swimming pool. Alongside it, a hammam and a sauna respond to the call of after-sport and letting go.

But here the main thing is human, with a menu of treatments that offers tailor-made rituals. Two single and two double cabins are entrusted to professional therapists who develop a global approach centered on listening and feeling. This sensitivity led them to select the Cinq Mondes and Absolution brands. Not only for the quality of their products and their protocols, but above all for a philosophy that encompasses body and mind.


This promise of a journey of rejuvenation invites to a time for yourself, to take in the herbal tea room or extend, why not, with a snack or a fresh juice at the hotel bar.

The spa is related with the Cinq Mondes brand to offer you the most immersive of holistic moments. Our team offers a selection of facial and body massage treatments inspired by different beauty rituals from around the world. Every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The wellness area including the swimming pool, sauna and hammam is accessible every day from 7 a.m. to 8.30 p.m (access to the spa included from the Superior Terrace category upwards).

Cinq Mondes 

Cinq Mondes offers deep regeneration of your body and mind with treatments and products inspired by beauty rituals from around the world. You will find in the hotel bathrooms the refreshing and revitalizing scents during your stay.

Opening hours

Opened every day

10h00 - 20h00*

*treatments upon bookings.

+33 1 80 70 97 63


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