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use two kitchens are better than one, to enjoy the best, our Chef is keen to defend the terroir in “his” ways. One, vegetal and vibrant like a call from the surrounding nature; the other, generous and spontaneous, featuring out the great classics of the Parisian brasserie.



Empreinte invites you on a motionless journey, to discover a free and lively cuisine, sincere and spontaneous. A healthy cuisine, radically centered on the taste experience with its dazzling and unexpected combinations.

According to the season, the menu offers a snapshot of the day in 2 starters, 2 main courses and 2 desserts.

Finally, the wines mark out an itinerary of complicity. A map of encounters and terroirs with a strong character. Between exclusivities and revelations, the promise of perfect matches and timeless moments.

Empreinte is a contemporary venue located in the heart of the hotel, opened onto the garden courtyard. Its cuisine is very modern, healthy and lively. You will enjoy breakfast, lunch, French afternoon tea and dinner. Please note it is strongly recommended to book your table in advance ?

Opening hours

Opened from wednesday to sunday

07h00 - 10h00

12h00 - 14h00

French-style teatime
15h00 - 17h00

19h00 - 21h45

+33 1 80 70 97 61





From an early age, Chef Romain Fabry spent most of his time in the kitchen with his parents and grandparents. This is where his desire to become a chef came from.

He started in one of the first gastronomic bistros, under the direction of the chef Tomy Gousset, today Michelin-starred. He transmitted to him his know-how, as well as his vision of a simple but complex cuisine. Later, he joined Michel Rostang's two-starred restaurant. Here, at this emblematic place, he learned rigor and excellence from Chef Nicolas Beaumann. Passionate and motivated, he found himself in one of the most popular restaurants in Paris: Fouquet's. His collaboration with chef Bruno Guéret confirmed his desire to become a chef. It is with him that Romain gained confidence in himself and developed a more personal cuisine.

Thanks to all these experiences, he proposes today a cuisine mainly oriented on taste. It is by drawing from his roots that he wishes to make discover his reinterpretation of a traditional cuisine combining technique and modernity.



From dawn to deep night, the bar at the Hôtel & Spa Napoléon lights up the city. Opened to the inner courtyard, it preserves the cozy atmosphere of a circle of initiates. The Hotel guests are at home there for a few days, and citizens are regular visitors all year round.


Quiet moments have their place too. To comfortably rest after the spa, detox is available in infusions, herbal teas and freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juices.
For the pleasure of gathering in the afternoon, the French afternoon tea celebrates the great gourmet tradition.

As for the party hours, they have found their home. Here, the bubbles of the great Champagne houses rival those of the best artisan winegrowers. And in the evening, the signature cocktails offer a tasting experience off the beaten path.

The Bar snacks accompany your drinks all day, also available in room service at any time 24/7.

Opening hours

Opened every day

11h00 - 00h00 Sunday to Thursday
11h00 - 01h00 Friday and Saturday

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